Our Team

1. Ashutosh Kumar Singh ---                                                             President
(M.Sc. in Electonic Media, M.A. in Psychology)
2. Ramesh Mishra ---                                                                        Secretary
(M.A. inSociology)
3. Dr.Vijay Singh ----                                                                        In charge – Uttar Pradesh
(Ph.D in Political Science)
4. Anurag Pratap Rai -----                                                                 In charge – Punjab, and Website Operations
(P.G.Diploma in English Journalism)
5. Rajeev Kumar Singh ---                                                                In charge – Madhya Pradesh
(M.A. in Sociology)
6. Dinesh Kumar Gupta ---                                                               Treasurer, and In charge Jharkhand
(M.A. in Economics, B. Ed)
7. Anurag Singh –                                                                             In charge – Delhi and Uttrakhand
(M.A. in History, B. Ed)
8. Amar Nath Singh –                                                                        In charge – Bihar
(M.A. in Philosophy)
9. Devesh Sharma –                                                                          In charge – Chhattisgarh
(M.Sc. in Electronic Media)
10. Dr.Tripunjay Patel –                                                                   Project In charge
(Ph.D. in Sociology)
11. Sukhdev Prasad –                                                                       Project Monitoring
( B.A. in Sociology)
12. Prajwalit Kaushik ---                                                                  Legal and Administration
(B.A. in Economics, LLB)
13. Tushar Shukla –                                                                         Vocational Training and Livelihood
(B.A. in Sociology, LLB)
14. Arun Kumar Singh –                                                                   Magazine(M.P.) and Fund Manager
(M. Sc. in Geology)
15. Fahrukh Mob Haider ----                                                            Magazine (U.P.) , Media
(M.Sc. in Electronic Media)
16. Prashant Rai –                                                                           Planning and Organizational Management
(M.A. in Statistics)
17. Dr. Nikhil Kumar --                                                                   Health Projects
(MBBS,Pursuing MD)
18. Praveen Kumar Rai ---                                                            Legal and Publication
( B.A.in Psychology, LLB ,LLM)
19. Jincy Jacob –                                                                          Women Empowerment and Foreign Affairs
(B.A in Sociology, MSW)
20. Chandra Prakash Tiwari--
(B.A in Sociology)                                                                          Training Centre Coordinator
21. Rammurat ---
(M.A in Psychology)                                                                      Village Knowledge Centers Coordinator

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